Kenneth Ratliff and Alex Goia (Summer 2013)

Lauren Scutt and Lainie Smith (Summer 2014)

Lauren Scutt (Summer 2015/ British Museum Internship to Digitize Bodhgaya Collection)

Student Projects

Lauren Scutt, ‘Catalyzing The Transformation And Commodification Of Sacred Landscapes: An Investigation of Development Economic Policies In Bodhgaya, India’. (Fall 16- Relst 502 Honors' thesis)

Course Integration

"Death, Dying, and Afterlife"

Class Website/Blog

Based on images, videos, VR, and assigned readings on the site of Gaya, students are expected to write a 800 word blogpost that engages critically with these sources. The blogpost must engage with two images- one of a space, and another of a ritual- and reflect critically on the VR experience. Students are encouraged to develop a creative project, which could include writing a children’s story book on Gaya, performing the Srāddha ritual at Vishnupada, or composing and performing a song on the ritual importance of Gaya. People interested in developing creative projects can discuss their ideas with the instructor.

Student Research / Class Assignments

Students perform original ritual song from Digital Humanities Initiative on Vimeo.

Ritual recreation from Digital Humanities Initiative on Vimeo.