West of Uttaradi Math (site 25)

West of Uttaradi Math (site 25-1)
Site Number: sci-site025, Date Period: Date of structure unknown, sculptures from early medieval period, Brief History: Same as Vishnupad Temple, Local Tradition Associated With Building--Structure--Site: Darshan, General Remarks: This shrine part is used as exit in busy times at Vishnupad Temple. Most often gates from Vishnupad to this part are closed., Architectural Style: Single chamber shrines with mixed style, Description Of The Building--Structure--Site: Multiple shrines off small courtyard with large tree and two shrines on western wall under Hanuman temple -- 1. lower entrance to Shiva shrine with six images embedded in wall around it -- 2. large courtyard with images in walls and stairs down into chamber with a Shiva linga -- Possibly an older shrine displaced by construction of Hanuman Mandir above --, Location: West of Uttaradi Math, Approach: 1. Front backside of Vishnupad temple -- 2. south of Adi Gadadhara temple, Topographical Features: Top of the Mundaprishta hill on the western bank of the Phalgu across from the Sita Kunda, Building-Structural Material And Other: Stone brick, Usage: Active worship, Ownership: Vishnupada Prabandhakarini Samiti Ilake Chaudahasaiya Gayapala -- current head of committee is Shankaralala Pathak (Ghadiwala), Protection Status: Poor, Present Condition: Poor, Conservation Assessment: In need of renovation to make shrine more visible to visiting pilgrims, Vishnu: I. Lower shrine. Inside main entrance near imli tree: 1. Vishnu, 14", 2. Vishnu, 34", 3. Vishnu, broken and assembled, 48". II. Shrine under Hanuman temple. Eastern wall: 1. Vishnu, 36" --, Shiva: I. Lower shrine. Inside main entrance near imli tree: 1. Ganesh, 24", 2. linga, 3. Ganesha, 26", 4. eroded Ganesha, 13", 5. eroded Ganesha panel -- In shrine: 1. Shiva linga. II. Shrine under Hanuman temple. -- Southern wall: 1. Uma-Maheshvara, 20", 2. Uma-Maheshvara, 16", 3. Uma-Maheshvara, 14" -- Central shrine: 1. Shiva linga -- Eastern wall: 1. Uma-Maheshvara, 14", Other gods--goddesses: I. Lower shrine. At floor: 1. nandin