Gayeshvari Temple (site 22)

Back Alley and Eastern Turn to River toward the ghat (site 22-1)
Site Number: sci-site021, Date Period: Sculptures early medieval and medieval, General Remarks: A thoroughfare from Vishnupad northern entrance to ghat, Architectural Style: Various walls, buildings, and niches along the walkway to the ghat, Description Of The Building--Structure--Site: 1. northern entrance -l several images are plastered in the western wall, two were grilled -- 2. two are on the eastern wall -- 3. several were in a niche cum small 5' shrine -- 4. Shiva linga and a small fragment in a small chamber on southern wall -- 5. two panels stuck in a water tank and two more were stuck in the wall on the way to the ghat -- 6. three images at exit to Gadadhara ghat --, Location: Path from northern entrance to Vishnupad back alley to the river between Adi Gadadhara temple and Uttaradi math, Approach: from Vishnupad to the Gadadhara ghat, Topographical Features: On the eastern slope of the Mundaprshta hill, Building-Structural Material And Other: Brick stone, Usage: Active worship, Ownership: Vishnupada Prabandhakarini Samiti Ilake Chaudahasaiya Gayapala -- current head of committee is Shankaralala Pathak (Ghadiwala), Protection Status: Not all are well protected, Present Condition: Decent, Vishnu: Western wall of northern entrance: 1. dasavatara, 7"x14", 2. dasavatara, 6"x14" below shrine -- Right wall of large niche with grille: 1. (central figure) vishnu, 48", 2. Vishnu, 20", 3. Vishnu, 21" -- way to Phaglu, to right of doorway of small niche: 1. Vishnu panel 7"x25" -- Noth side of inside gateway: 1. broken dasavatara, 5"x32", Varaha, 36" -- --, Shiva: Western wall of northern entrance: 1. ganesha, 14", 2. ganesha, 26" -- Eastern wall: 1. ganesha, 26" -- Floor of large niche with grille: 1. three shiva lingas, Devi: Left wall of large niche with grille: 1. parvata, 24" -- South side of inside gateway: 1. inscribed Durga, 44", Other gods--goddesses: Northern wall: 1. nandin -- South side of inside gateway: 1. 22. Vaishnavi?, 26" -- Outside (Phalgu side) of inside gateway: 1. broken panel (Naga)