Lakshamana Temple (site 17)

Lakshamana Temple (site 17-1)
Site Number: sci-site017, Date Period: Early medieval, Local Tradition Associated With Building--Structure--Site: It was a temple with a sculpture of Lakshmana, which was stolen., General Remarks: Another structural remnant of an old building of Lakhauri bricks with a dome stands right across the Lakshmana temple at the eastern bank. The standing part seemed under someone's control as the door was locked., Architectural Style: Shikhara?, Description Of The Building--Structure--Site: It has a sanctum with a western entrance, which leads to a mandapa/courtyard. The mandapa stands on 12 pillars, some of which were turned upside down during repairs. The roof also has pillar lintels. There are 3 niches on the northern wall and 2 on the eastern wall of the mandapa., Location: Eastern bank of Phalgu in the Salempur Village, north of the Sitakund group of temples at the foothill of Ramagaya., Approach: Through Salempur Village. Alternatively one can walk across the Phalgu from Vishnupada, Topographical Features: Located on a side hill at the foothill of Ramagaya, approx. 80 feet east of the Phalgu., Building-Structural Material And Other: Primarily stone Lakhauri bircks, Usage: Desecrated/Abandoned, Ownership: None, Protection Status: Unprotected, Present Condition: It is in a bad condition as it is not under active usage., Conservation Assessment: Needs immediate attention and some restoration/renovation.