Shamashana Kali Mandir (site 16)

Shamashana Kali Mandir (site 16-1)
Site Number: sci-site016, Date Period: Sculptures are early medieval, Local Tradition Associated With Building--Structure--Site: Darshan, General Remarks: Did not meet anyone in particular from trust, taken there by Panda, Architectural Style: Open rectangular chamber, Description Of The Building--Structure--Site: Open rectangular chamber with shrine in back, gated, Location: On inner path from Vishnupad temple to Surya Kunda, Approach: On inner path from Vishnupad temple to Surya Kunda, Building-Structural Material And Other: Iron grille brick, Usage: Active worship, Ownership: Shamashan Kali Mandhir Trust, Protection Status: Well protected, Present Condition: Average, Shiva: 1. Shaiva ascetic figure, 2. two shiva lingas, Other gods--goddesses: 1. Kali