Adi Gadadhara Temple (site 2)

Adi Gadadhara Temple (site 2-1)
Site Number: sci-site002, Monument Name: Adi Gadadhara Temple, Date Period: Early medieval, Brief History: Linked to Gaya Mahatmya, Local Tradition Associated With Building--Structure--Site: Pinda Dana, Shraddha, Darshan, General Remarks: The shrine is protected by Dhami pandas, not Gayawals. There is a new inscription by entrance and another on the eastern top wall., Description Of The Building--Structure--Site: Temple divided into three parts: inner sanctum is located on western-most side of temple with houses and an image of Adi Gadadhara -- the second part is a mandapa closed on the north and south sides and erected on 20 stone pillars -- this mandapa leads to an open mandapa erected on 21 pillars, which has an open shrine of Sakhshi Gopal and small shrine of Mangala Devi on the southern wall. Top of outer wall is tiled., Location: Part of Vishnupada Complex, southern-most entrance from ghat leads to shrine, Approach: On the way to Phalgu from Vishnupad Temple, Topographical Features: Western bank of Phalgu river on the eastern slope of Mundaprishta hill, Building-Structural Material And Other: Brick stone marble tile, Usage: Active worship, Ownership: Vishnupada Prabandhakarini Samiti Ilake Chaudahasaiya Gayapala -- current head of committee is Shankaralala Pathak (Ghadiwala), Protection Status: Under protection of Dhami pandas, Present Condition: Well-preserved, Conservation Assessment: Good condition, except everything plastered with yellow paint, Vishnu: Sakshi Gopal Shrine in outer mandapa: 1. Vishnu, with two attendents, 66", 2. Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesa, 24", 3. eroded Ganesha -- Inner mandapa, courtyard with six pillars: 1. eroded Vishnu figure, 30" -- Inner sanctum, up six marble steps: 1. Vishnu Adi Gadadhara, 66", 2. Vishnu, 26" -- --, Shiva: Inner sanctum, up six marble steps: 1. linga